Not only do South Africans often feel left out of the deals on a bounty of gadgets and modern products available to overseas consumers, but South African Expats (SAFFAs) overseas, also find it hard to find a decent reliable service to send gifts and stuff back home to friends and family. Fortunately, Postbox-Courier (PBC) has stepped in to fill the gap and help South Africans send stuff back home to loved ones and also to buy TVs, iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, computers, bikes, vintage clothing, baby goods, toys, children’s clothing, books and other products from abroad and have it shipped back home.

Ready to shop?

As a perfect example, it’s that time of the year when Amazon celebrates it’s birthday with massive online sales, and this year they are touted to be bigger than Black Friday. The 30-hour sale will take place between July 10 and July 11 (starting at 7PM our time on Monday), and to prepare for the day this is what you need to do:

First, you need an Amazon Prime account, although this costs R100 per month, your first month is free, so sign up for the trial and you’re good to go.

Second, know what you’re doing

Not only will there be deals that run for the whole of Prime Day, but there are also flash Lightning Deals that will pop up more than usual throughout the 30-hour period. They last around 10 minutes each, or until the product has run out.

The deals are sorted into categories, and this year the Amazon app will allow you to watch a product and send you a notification when a deal begins.

PBC has been offering courier services from the UK to South Africa since 2012. It was originally set up as an alternative to unreliable postal services, and overly priced courier services, for South African expats to send stuff back home.

They now have depots in New York City, London Heathrow, Sydney, and Hong Kong, where they consolidate shipments and fly directly with the airlines to their PBC office in Johannesburg, where they handle Customs clearance in house, making a seamless service which is very safe, secure, and reliable. The Johannesburg depot also handle shipments for expats living abroad wanting to shop for South African products and have them delivered to themselves abroad.

Get an overseas delivery address

The main reason South Africans aren’t able to indulge in such sales is because of our address: Amazon doesn’t deliver here.

But that’s why we have Postbox Courier.

You can order anything, from anywhere in the world, without the hassle of stressing about whether or not they ship to our neck of the woods – including Amazon.


How does it work?

Sign Up
Register free of charge with Postbox Courier via their website. They will assign you with a Personal Postbox at each of our worldwide depots. Look out for the confirmation email which provides a link to activate your account.

Sign In
Once you have activated your account, you will be able to login to view your unique Postbox addresses, by clicking the “View your Personal Postbox addresses” banner. Your addresses are permanent, so you can save them and start sending items to your Postbox.

Notify them of incoming items
Each time you send something to Postbox Courier, please notify them via the Parcel Pre-Alert (in your Parcel Manager).

Manage your orders
You can ship single items or multiple pieces combined into a single shipment. If you do wish to consolidate orders from different suppliers (in the same origin country), you will be able to do so in your Parcel Manager. Just notify them of each shipment that is en-route to your Postbox, and then use the ‘Group’ button to let them know which items you wish to combine

Pay for shipping
Once they receive the items that correspond with your booking they’ll let you know via email and invite you to login to your Parcel Manager and make payment, upon which they will courier your items to your door within South Africa immediately.

If we come across any more information we will be sure to let you know, we’re always happy to help.

But in the meantime, with over 100 000 items slashed in price, there’s no reason for you not to take advantage so start prepping for the big day now.


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Answers to frequent questions

Transit times are 3-4 days from the UK and 4-6 days from the US and HK. They’ll deliver before Christmas if they receive your goods by 11 December.

Prices from the UK start at GBP14.99 for the first 500 grams and they have a quick quote calculator on their home page to work out costs for larger items or to get quotes from other origins to SA.

Registration is free! Payment is quick and secure through paypal. Get more info

Benefits for South Africans in SA:

– Import from US, UK, HK/China vendors via your respective Postbox in each of those origins.

– Combine several purchases from different vendors into a single shipment, saving on freight costs and clearing costs.

– Access goods which are not readily available in SA or which you can snap up in a bargain in upcoming sales such as Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Benefits for South Africans Abroad:

– Send items (gifts, Christmas cards etc) back home to loved ones with the knowledge that it won’t be lost in the post/take months to arrive.

– Save heaps compared with using big name couriers who offer similar transit times.

Sign up, sign in and be at the ready to score big on whatever you happen to need want.

Ready to start shopping overseas stores and saving on international shipping? Visit now!

For a complete list of items banned in South Africa, please visit SAR’s Customs & Excise website.


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